“To be a catalyst towards unlocking the optimal potential of each student whether that be better fitness, technical development of the art of competing in the amateur and professional competition.”

Muay thai & Kickboxing


With over a decade of experience sharing the art of Muay Thai & Taught by legendary Kru Chanchai sor Tamarangsri, Kru Aaron Magallon is a 2time title winner in North America’s most competitive Muay Thai tournament the TBA Champion .

A true practitioner of the art and dedicated student  he’s played every roll from competitor too coach. The real benefit of studying under Aaron lies in his ability to translate the benefits of Muay Thai to participants from all walks of life.

Offering unmatched results for everything from fitness to competitive & technical development.


Specialized in sharing a complete brand of Muay Thai, with respect to all 4 styles –> click here to learn about them Kru Aaron covers all the bases and personally holds a competitive record of 13-2 and ready to take you step by step towards your goals in martial arts and fitness thorough the amazing art of Muay Thai Kickboxing.