Greg Cappuccitti | Wrestling

Mission Statement

“To love the sport and be committed to the community by passing on important values to the next generation.”

Coach Greg Cappuccitti

Needs no long winded introduction, as his past and current results as coach of the Matmen wrestling club speak for themselves. Matmen as a wrestling club is one of the nations most prestigious, home to multiple provincial and national men’s and women’s champions as well as Pan-American champions and medalists. Matmen’s athletes are highly sought after by university programs and many of them have received scholarships to continue wrestling for their chosen educational institutes.


The club’s current coaching staff includes 15 fully accredited coaches with a number of new and developing assistant coaches. . Between all of our coaches there is more than a century of “on the mat experience”. The coaches are all volunteers and are involved because of their love of the sport and their commitment to their community by passing on values to the next generation looking to learn the sport The new program will be run by the city of Mississauga and Matmen with Elite training centre as partner facility hosting the training sessions.