Hi everyone,

Here’s what we have cooking in this update

  1. Fitness room 2.0 proposal
  2. Kru dj’s world muay thai certification
  3. Return of the day classes

2013 more or less has arrived and the  world didn’t end  🙂 so for those of you that feel a bit let down by the anticipation for nothing I have hatched what i think to be a pretty great plan.

Check it out below and let me know if I’m on to something or totally crazy

The conditioning classes at the academy are an awesome compliment to anyone training regiment and getting good results for the members,  still haven’t been able to stop thinking about how to make things even better.

Here’s the “tentative” plan.. Switch up the training area (ie conditioning class goes in Gym b.. Yes a smaller space but in exchange for the decreased workout space i propose we  deck gym b out fully with the all the functional training equipment you fitness fans could ever need or ask for hopefully

A quick few that come too mind are………..
  Medicine ball & Wall balls

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 wall balls








Olympic lifting platform

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 -olympic lifitng platform



Trx suspension trainers

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 TRX suspension trainers


chin up bars

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 chin up bars












Swiss balls

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 swiss & bosu balls


Resistance bands


Mississauga Fitness room 2.0 Kettlebells














Concept 2 Rower

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 Concept 2 rower


  Adjustable hurdles 

Mississauga fitness room 2.0 Adjustable Hurdles and plyo-metric cones

Ok so now you see the “plan” but after all Elite training centre is a  team so lets get some feedback as to which way to go with things before any drastic moves are made.

Comment below and let us know what you think. Next wednesday we should have a verdict.


Muay thai seminar a big success and KRU DJ does it again.

The seminar with Kru Alin was phenomenal and still has the members buzzing. 

Having worked with Alin for my thai-boxing over the past 8 or so years  i knew the Elite members would like love his energy and teaching style.

To top the day off and open even more new doors for the academy KRU DJ’s received his certification under the world muay thai association. Making d1 muay thai the only World.Muay-thai.Association recognized training center in the area.

Awesome news for those of you with competitive aspirations as this opens the doors to you participate in the  march 2013 world championships as part of team Canada.

More on that to come……….

Above and beyond the training/competitive  implications I personally think this is  sets a great example as at the age of 45  and already a fully certified Muay thai Kru for 10+ years Kru DJ continues to strive to improve his understanding of the art and better the program here at Elite.

Mississauga’s best muay thai got a lot better with the help of Kru Alin Halmagean

 Congratulations to all who attended.


Return of morning/noon classes

We really had no idea noon classes would be quite so popular but they’ve been a  big hit with both the boxing and Muay thai. I’m very happy to add Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to that list effective  2013.

2013 elite training centre day schedule


Monday and Wednesday

11am-noon | Boxing

Tuesday & Thursday 

11am-noon | Muay thai      

12pm-1pm | Brazilian Jiujitsu ****

** the jiujitsu classes will be  taught in the Gi, and while we will often train without it we will be using the full kimono most days. if you don’t have one please front desk to place your order..

Mississauga Elite/Team Britto BJJ


all best best

Team elite