Had an interesting conversation with some guys at the grappling event yesterday and it really dawned on me that not every gym meets all member needs regardless what “Styles” they teach.

Funny enough the majority of “Mixed martial arts clubs” host the same offerings style wise…

Everywhere you go it’s some form of Muay Thai kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since that is what selling and the flavor of the month  “ as a long time practitioner of the martial arts has me wondering  where these instructors were 10-15 years ago when in Toronto area it was a small community of dedicated participants.. :)”

growth is good but some of the madness is see being passed of as muay thai/ Brazilian jiujitsu  and worst of all mixed martial arts is straight up disturbing.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you have to be a world class competitor in anything to coach or offer it in your martial arts facility but I am saying many people are being hood-winked thinking they are learning some valuable component in the mixed martial arts puzzle

Really all they are doing is funding their gym owners latest money making hustle until he/she moves on to the next ..

If you are someone genuinely looking to study Martial arts / combat sports do yourself a favor that will save you time, money and a lot of potential injuries.

1-Find a coach & training centre that offers quality training & has a linage and tractable background in what they are teaching… no I don’t mean “certifications” ill touch and that farce another time , but its always struck me as pretty nuts you can buy legitimacy in martial arts via a piece of paper.

2- look for a place that values you the student, as more than a drop in the membership bucket

3- And for me perhaps most important is they provides you a clean & safe training space. Having trained and taught in some really gross gyms over the years I’ve always held it close to my heart that my mats would be clean if i ever had a facility.

That’s all for today people I’m still beat from the emotional roller coaster of yesterdays grappling industries event at Ryerson. The team we brought did exceptionally well with ¾ of them taking gold medals.

here are a few pics sorry about the varying quality first i was on the blackberry “yes I’m still on BBM”  You can link at me @ pin # 29C947B5

chris alfar takes the back

mississauga bjj - kevin chris and steve bring gold back

Britto BJJ's kevin costa and draco anderson bring home the hardware

elite bjj sweeps a very tough teens division