does everyone have gloves??

we have all hear the saying safety first?? well this young fellow has take the need for equipment checks to the next level 🙂

who in good concience could show up to the academy with these gloves in tow ready to spar or work partner drills with any impact?????  now this is all fun and game as i caught the perpetrator before he hurt himself or anyone else but on a serious note …..all members in striking classes need to have proper safety gear to participate 🙂


Youth program update

with my abscence the months of november for the ufc 140 training camp the rest of elite training cennew elite mats clean like the old elite matstre’s  staff have been working away at getting the additional training space open in the academy and we are happy to say things are finally operational, while not completely finished the mats have been laid and training space cleaned and preped for use by the fastest growing kids/childrens mixed martial arts class in the Mississauga area.

Now if you like me you probably are thinking KIDS MMA???? Well dont let the terms Mixed martial arts” throw you off 🙂 ours is not  a class filled with Mini cage fighters, instead our youth program focusses on the constructively positive  skills, habits and life lessons gained through the practice of martial arts.

Keeping the new elite mats clean as the old mats

Putting the  MARTIAL ARTS part back in youth “mixed martial arts”

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