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Elite training centre revolves around having quality training in each of the individual styles  we offer. Even within a “style” there are going to be a lot of variations and different looks at the same technique so keeping an open mind has always worked best.

Our Muay Thai program has input from a variety of sources kru dj- Siam #1 , myself- iron tiger and our most recent addition coach Eric miller brings a background of training in the art under Kru Jovan Stojanovski of stinger Muay Thai.

Kru Jovan originally from the local area has since relocated to the far north of Thailand teaching coaching Thai locals their national sport..(currently has a student ranked #10 in Lumpini stadium so he is doing something right)

upon hearing he was in town visiting family i tracked him down and setup the workshop many of you attended on last week where he covered a wide assortment of modern ring tested Muay Thai techniques and strategies so it was a real treat. unfortunately i was busy with academy related issues so couldn’t train but did setup a private lesson for the next week and got some very good material shared with me and as always i have it documented and ready to share with you

Here is a great technique used from the clinch  you can modify for takedowns in mma, wrestling or muay thai

thanks for the visit Kru Jovan & we look forward to the next one

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