Elevating Your Martial Arts Journey: Sunday Judo Classes at Elite MMA

picture of the judo classes newly offered in the BJJ Mississauga dojo

JUDO | Unlocking Potential, One Throw at a Time

At Elite MMA, we’re all about pushing boundaries, striving for better skills and deeper knlwedge as martial artisits. That’s exactly what’s behind the launch of our new Sunday Mississauga Judo class. While Sundays might traditionally be for kicking back and getting some rest, we’re taking a different path—one that offers our members a chance to level up their skills and grow on the mats.

This isn’t just another class. It’s a significant step towards our BJJ and grappling students’ rounding out the tool box of skills the develop on the mats with us. what started out as a project now blossomed into a full-scale Judo class that’s open to everyone in our Mississauga martial arts academy, no matter their skill level.



A Blend of Tradition and Modern Mastery

Mark your calendars: every Sunday at 12:30 pm, at our dojo located at 966 Dundas Street East, Unit 13, in Mississauga, history meets the present. This class is more than just a schedule addition. It’s a bridge connecting the deep-rooted traditions of Judo with the evolving practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Since BJJ originated from Judo, we see this as a golden opportunity. Our students get to dive deep into the art of Judo, mastering throws, takedowns, and culture of the art. These skills aren’t just good to have; they’re game-changers, especially for BJJ practitioners. They make the move from standing to ground fighting smoother, boosting performance in competitions and upping self-defense skills.

judo in action offered now in mississauga mma gym

judo classes are a go at elite mississauga’s mma gym

Why Learning Judo Could Be Your BJJ Game-Changer

Incorporating Judo into your BJJ training isn’t just about learning new moves. It’s about transforming your approach and performance. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Takedown Dominance: Judo’s arsenal of takedown techniques is a treasure trove. Master these, and you’re already ahead in BJJ, controlling the flow and direction of the fight.

  • Grip Strength and Control: Judo’s grip strategies are legendary. They translate beautifully into BJJ, giving you the upper hand (literally) in controlling your opponent, nailing submissions, and maintaining the lead.

  • Boosted Spatial Awareness: The dynamic essence of Judo sharpens your sense of movement and balance, invaluable for anticipating and countering your opponent’s moves in BJJ.

  • Mental Flexibility: Diving into Judo stretches your mind, deepening your martial arts insight. This mental agility is priceless, helping you adapt and thrive in unpredictable competitive scenarios.

  • A Richer Martial Arts Palette: Blending Judo with BJJ equips you with a versatile skill set, preparing you to tackle a wider range of challenges and emerge victorious.


Step into Our Sunday Mississauga Judo Classes

No matter where you stand on your martial arts journey, our Sunday Judo class is here to support and elevate you. From seasoned competitors aiming to finesse their stand-up game to beginners eager to learn, this class is a nurturing ground for all.

Elite MMA is committed to delivering a complete martial arts experience, urging our students to explore and excel across various disciplines. Our Judo class embodies does exactly this giving you a chance to balance the ground with standing gi skills often overlooked by bjj players more focused on the ground aspect of things. With so many interchangeable techniques  BJJ & Judo really are a match made in heaven for martial artists seeking a complete tools  box to work with,. 

We’re excited to welcome you this Sunday at 12:30 pm. Come and see how Judo can enhance your BJJ practice and overall martial arts prowess. Let’s grow together into more agile, effective martial artists. Your spot on the mat is waiting.