This upcoming Yellow Level test will be on Saturday, July 21st/2018 Saturday 12:00 – 1:30 pm.  The test will consist of two parts. The first  part (20-30 minutes) will consist of a one page written quiz, which will cover thai language, basic technique and basic thai history. The second part of the test (1 hour) will be physical and it will consist of a warmup, stretch, attack formation, bagwork and physical conditioning.

As part of the curriculum we plan to run a yellow level test at the end of every 10 weeks of study.
Every 20 weeks we will run a white level test and once or twice a year we will run a green level test.

Yellow level students will be given the option to move into white level class (Level 2) Monday 7pm, and Wednesday 7pm. However those yellow level students who cannot attend the Level 2 class at 7pm can still take the 6pm class. Class will be split into beginners and yellow level. 8pm class will remain competition team training.

Looking forward into white level, we will deal with twice as much conditioning, a deeper look into defence, clinch and variety of arsenal. Tech sparring (controlled) will be introduced in this level, not hard sparring.

The third level we will develop more instructors and expand the competition team and classes. In the meantime, I will be looking closely for candidates to be assistants (Poo Chois) and scout any potential talent in students that can start competing in the next few months.

 muay thai poster