Hi Everyone

Sorry folks, I have been a bit slow on the blog post and updates as of recently.

Between  teaching the classes &  my “Secret” project, its been a lot but things are relatively back to normal now and it looks like spring is coming through shortly so here’s what you may have missed.


Strength and Conditioning plans

The back room  is currently only used for a few classes & will be retrofitted with equipment to make it a conditioning specific room.. not to rip off the cross-fit terminology but they call it a box, which is quite fitting since that room is actually a large BOX in shape.

familiar mississauga functional fitness tools

Familiar Mississauga functional fitness tools

In the mean time enjoy this very informative breakdown of the plank core exercise .. watching this had me realize there are a lot of details involved often overlooked in the plank which i think its safe to say most people now look at as a fundamental core exercise yet is so misunderstood.

Some really good takeaways from this tutorial..

  • its all about posture
  • planking from the knees can give great results too
  • more isn’t necessarily better

take a look and enjoy


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I keep saying there is something “BIG” on the way and after last nights class and just walking around talking to people in every day life, I am now more sure than EVER the time is right.. No answers today as the works not done yet but its coming soon.. 🙂                                    “15 days or less I promise”

All the secrecy aside, it’s great to see the level of training increasing weekly at the academy, I was actually able to take off for a quick 3-4 days with a tournament going on that same weekend and the team went competed and did great..

Win lose or draw “so long as you get out unhurt” competition is a great learning experience, congrats to all that stepped on the mats to compete that day.

mississauga bjj tournment

The POWER Squad from Elite @ the weekends tournament :)… “Danny!!! Bonnie!!! RELAX!!!!!!


p.s Tanya’s quest for gold is still in the works, with her finally starting to put the pieces of he puzzle together and fight on more than sheer aggression 🙂  she managed to work her way to a silver medal this time round..


I’m going out on a limb and saying our women’s white belt team will be a force on the medals scene by the end of the year.!!!


Muay Thai

In the Muay thai department we had Mike head up the the main even of the recent tkmt in-house gala

Mike put on a great display of technique in the fight working his opponents over from head to toe with a variety of attacks in a great match

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