Muay Thai level 1 tests and new Kettlebell classes

Enter the Kettlebell|

Having quite a few associates in the martial arts and fitness industry pays off once again… this time in the form of Kettlebell training

A great way to add that extra kick to any conditioning program and total body conditioning tool the Kettlebell hails from Ex Soviet block countries and are something quite a few members have asked about.

Elite is hosting a introductory workshop to give everyone a chance to see if its a good fit to our ever growing program list.

Ill post an exact date in the coming days but its looking like  Saturday October 13th may do it.



The past weeks been a busy one with another very successful one at the Academy.

With the Level 1 Muay Thai fundamentals test completed last Saturday we had the participants demonstrating their understanding of the basics movements offense and defensive moves they have picked up in the past 3 or so months… the Test was a big success and all the coaches are eager to welcome the attendees to the mixed classes.

mississauga muay thai kickboxing

Muay thai level 1 test participants

Adam Wasik

Aleksandar Martinovic

Brendon Seepaulsing

Anthony Ngo

Haider Nawaz

Ishaan Shukla

Marcus Lee

Mark Wargala

Ryan Martinez

Steven Pham

Tam Yazdani