Attention All Elite Muay Thai Members! Ready To Take Your Muay Thai Game To A New Level? Then Attend Our Muay Thai Seminar This Saturday April 29th, 2017 with Lanna MMA?s Kru Jordan Kravitz

By Coach Ryan McKinnon

This Saturday will mark a new beginning for the Muay Thai program at Elite Training Center.From 1030 until noon, you will experience 90 minutes of mind-blowing Muay Thai instruction from one of the GTAs most successful coaches.

This is a must attend event for all Muay Thai members. Kru Jordan has trained and competed in boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai for the past 10 years. He embodies the spirit of a martial artist. He is humble, open-minded, and deeply passionate about learning and coaching.

He was Lanna Muay Thai?s front desk manager before he became the owner and head coach of the newly named Lanna MMA in 2016. (click the image to visit the website)





In the past year, he has completely revamped the Muay Thai competition team, turning it into a force with a winning record at amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai events in the province. One of the bigger moves under taken was the alliance between Lanna MMA and Elite Training Centre the resulted in me being asked by Jordan and Claude to be your new Muay Thai instructor, and share the world class Lanna Muay Thai curriculum with all of you.

Our goal as coaches is to deliver high level Muay Thai instruction, with a focus on helping everyone achieve their individual goals, to create the best Muay Thai athletes possible. If you have attended my classes and enjoyed them, you will definitely love the seminar this Saturday. As a coach, Kru Jordan is characterised as open-minded, progressive, and a has the incredible ability to blend various styles of martial arts to make his Muay Thai extremely effective.


This Saturday you will be treated to a seminar that will take your Muay Thai technique and knowledge to a whole new level. If you?ve found yourself questioning what Muay Thai is all about, this Saturday will answer all of your queries. This is the best opportunity to have someone evaluate your skill level, and teach you new ways to progress as a martial artist. If you love Muay Thai, then this seminar is for you. Please join me and the rest of your Elite Training Centre family on welcoming Kru Jordan into the school.

Bring an open mind and an attitude that?s hungry to learn, and the 90 minutes you spend with him on Saturday will change the way you practice Muay Thai forever. See you all there!