Imagine A Single, Secret to success of far greater importance than all others?

Take a second and really think about it….


“A Lobster,

When Left High And Dry Among The Rocks, Has Plenty of 

Energy but Lacks The Drive/ Instict To Work His Way Back To The Sea,

Hi Waits For The Sea To Come To Him.

If It Does Not Come, He Remains Where He Is And Dies,

Although The Slightest Effort Would Enable Him To Reach The Waves,

Which Are Perhaps Within A Yard Of Him.

 The World Is Full Of Human Lobsters:


People Stranded On The Rocks Of Indecision And Procrastination,

Who, Instead Of Putting Forth Their Own Energies,

Are Waiting For Some Grand Billow Of Good Fortune To Set Them Afloat.”

– Dr. Orrison Swett Marden


What are we really waiting for???

The perfect time never happens, so if that’s what we need to get going towards the goal odds are we aren’t going anywhere soon 🙂 instead you’ll likely be struck by the all to common affliction of “analysis paralysis” that hit me the last few weeks.

Over thinking everything, laying out spreadsheet after spreadsheet, lesson plan after lesson plan… but what if this happens when I try that??? etc etc.. it never ends once you let that ball start rolling folks. for example lets say i had 5-6 big projects / program changes in the works (both in and out of the gym) and instead of getting started I said Wait!!!! “it’s not yet perfect and made very limited motion towards the goal.”

Trifecta Fitness Logo

I am officially done sitting on the fence with my grand plans and designs..Instead of starting tomorrow i’m pushing the button NOW with 1 new major update every other day for the rest of the week. to cure me of the dreaded affliction of.


In  terms of the academy this makes for some pretty big announcements, too much to layout in one blog post 

Today’s release unveils the plan ive been cooking up for some time … The launch of the long-awaited TRIFECTA training system

This one has been months in the making as I really wanted to get all he ducks in a row before going live with the program. After seeing what happened to those lobsters and with a few pieces in place and website almost done I’m inviting everyone in for our open house and free intro classes next week.





Trifecta is based around the 3 pillars of training that deliver results most people are looking for.

#1 FAT loss & Nutrition – using a mix interval training, metabolic circuits + boxing and kickboxing these sessions will tone and shred your body like nothing else, But since we all Know its hard to out train a bad diet we have also partnered with brains behind the industry leading sport nutrition coaches at Precision nutrition to help you put the right fuel in the gas tank to get the looks and performance you want out of all the effort

2# Strength and Mobility Training – science & results based training programs using every tool in the game..TRX, Kettle-bells, Body weight and even taking the step to add some Barbell culture to the program. I’m out from behind the desk and back training this way myself, under the mentorship of the mastermind Adam Lloyd  (my long time friend & training consultant to the Arizona coyotes NHL team ) if the NHL is flying this guy in to train million dollar athletes he must know something right ? All jokes aside after even a few weeks of work I can’t tell you how much stronger, faster and better i’m already moving. If we transfer 10 percent of this guys magic you’ll be singing the praises in no time.

17155158_10154984276973405_7295676639464032772_n   img_1976

3# Boxing / MMA skills training – The Cardio work & skill development in boxing training delivers big results and keep members coming back to learn more. You hop into one of our sessions and yes you are sweating / training and working hard but it wont feel like a chore.. it not like that 40 mins of cardio on the treadmill / Stairmaster. Most importantly this is truly hybrid training you don’t have to spar or ever even get hit but don’t mistake this for a cardio boxing session or bag class. You’ll be learning plenty of skills all without taking the damage fighters so often find themselves on the receiving end of.


Busy with work and need your training to match your life schedule? or just prefer private training?
these sessions may be the right for you.

Schedule-wise we’re running sessions in both group and personal training formats and we’ve been running sessions
so as a bit of a tester Saturdays @10am but if that doesn’t work for you id like to invite you to book
a 1-1 intro with our trainers anytime between 7am – 9pm so the schedule isn’t really to much of an issue.


Click here to Register for your spot 


Check back tomorrow for news on next addition to the MMA / Jiu-JITSU program  on the way since i’ve decided to step away from the lobster life
myself and taking the steps to get things done 🙂 

Thanks see you soon