Hey Team Hows it Going? 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Timing is everything” well this time they got it Right !!!!

What are the odds a World class BJJ coach + The Canadian National Team Boxing Coach show up
at your gym ready to put in some work at the same time??

Not really sure? well ok let me answer that one = NOT VERY OFTEN AT ALL 🙂

it’d be easy to take off somewhere hot for the week knowing the programs we well covered but forget that !!!
I’m not passing on this opportunity to get some work in with these two myself, so instead ill be right here taking
the week off teaching and instead training with the rest of you making the most of the time with these guys.

Straight from Detroit/Windsor area retired national boxing teach coach William Grant is going to be around sharing the ins and 
outs of really high level boxing strategy and skill.

Group Classes will still be happening at the set times but if you are interested in getting a deeper look at the 
sweet science from a world class coach shoot me a message and i’ll fill you on the schedule.

bare bones boxing gym“We often take things for granted.. you walk in the gym with these great mats and variety of bags and think everywhere is like that.. well no that’s not the case
take a look at the actual gym coach grant usually trained athletes out of and you’ll appreciate our setup even more :)” 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
On the BJJ front we’ll be welcoming Guest instructor Henrique Garcez ( from Demian Maia academy in Sao Paulo Brazil)
covering all bjj classes until next Saturday. Training with legends of the art since starting @ Age 4 the guy is a wizard
on the mats and its going to sharing some great content..
demian maia student henrique Garcez







As i said will still be around this week but more on a training than teaching capacity as its not really often the stars
align & produce this sort of situation… that being the case im training and  would advice you to do the same 🙂

Thanks see you in a bit

Coach Patrick