Mississauga Elite Stays Active

Summer is over  and as usual things are picking up on the competitive front.

It is really funny how people outside of the club sometimes think we are either a Hardcore MMA club full of tough guys looking to smash you or only a BJJ focused gym when really I have always held pride giving equal attention to every program offered here.

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Competitor or not its important to realise mastery of any martial art takes time, so when the local tough guys come in demanding we set them up with fights right away,  often withing weeks of registering i’ve always had the same response …”go check out that gym up the road i’m pretty sure they do compete over there”:)

Taking the right steps to win the race

Most people that end up competing successfully come to training with  the intention of the learning the skills needed first. After a bit of practice they end up ” catching the bug” and want to test themselves in competition which is great but not a must.

That being the case our goal has always been to develop well rounded and technically skilled students in all programs at our Mississauga Martial Arts Academy.

We’ve managed to develop a training system and atmosphere the is truly inclusive to members of all interest from Fitness to Elite competition while putting no pressure on members to fight should they chose not to.

All that said we still put the work in 🙂

Being the game over 20 years I’ve been lucky to make friends with many of the the best from various arts and in some cases  even have them come to Elite and join the team as training partners and assistant coaches at the facility.

Two of these “world beaters” are stepping up for very Big events in the next 2 weeks

Jontaine Hall

Jontaine and I travel out to Nova Scotia this weekend to take on the rest of the field at the 1st Canadian Kumite, This is No- points submission only style grappling  event so right up his alley

event info here –>> Kumite

Mike Imperato

A student is Sam Zakula Mike is one of Canada’s best and most underrated No Gi Grapplers with a unreal BJJ record now taking bigger steps into MMA, Freshly back from las vegas Mike is super sharp and ready for action next weekend the Hardknox #51

Here is a bit of mike in action below “explosive finish”

Thanks for making the Elite training centre the special place it is by being such great partners in helping these guys prep for the events and stay tuned for our upcoming inhouse bbq and event following up on this summers smash hit

take a look at the footage from the recent one below

P.S Closed thanks giving monday but back on our regular schedule after that.