Hi everyone,

got quite a bit going on in and around the academy.

off top our student march break camp of sorts. Given most students are  out of school this week Mississauga elite is giving you a chance to make good use of the down time by offering  free   thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes to any area students able to attend the 11am-1pm training sessions held Tuesday and Thursdays

Muay Thai- Tuesday + Thursday 11am-12pm

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu- Tuesday + Thursday noon-1pm

visit for more info


Doctor Biondich diet & nutrition seminar

lots of buzz about the upcoming nutrition seminar with my one time secret weapon doctor paul biondich , being held this weekend.

quick notes based on the convo and questions i’ve had so far.

  •  Do bring a pen and paper or something to write on, it will be straight forward but you wont want to miss anything
  • Time wise its going to run about 35-45 mins of his info giving you the basics before opening the floor to your diet and nutrition related  questions
  • Doctor Paul wont be offering any food samples but will be happy to point you in the right direction for good quality eats.
  • It is FREE but we ask you register at front desk or via



Mississauga Elite Muay thai’s taking it to the streets

Spring is in the air and Kru DJ has already been starting on that familiar “bring your running shoes”!!!

Word from Kru is once it averages +15 degrees the garage door is opening and both the muay Thai and strength and conditioning classes can look forward to a return of the roadwork, sprints and those Fat busting circuits you’ve heard so much about.. so just to re-emphasize things

Once april hits


Sprint training vs long slow distance cardio