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New lesson plans on the way

So if you’ve been in the academy lately for the BJJ classes in particular you’ve noticed we’ve been test-running a monthly lesson plan in the classes and would have to say it’s worked quite well.

Now 3 weeks in, with only a few speedbumps like snow days that happened along the way it looks like this we will be something rolled out in all programs. 

Running the classes and watching student progression across the board, its pretty clear removing the question of what you’ll be practicing weekly has really helped students of all levels get a lot more comfortable and familiar with the content being taught.

Beyond BJJ – Boxing & Kickboxing roadmaps

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So far the lesson plans have been a clear winner so we will be rolling them out for all programs. Yes that means you’ll have clear benchmarks for skill development for the striking-based arts as well. Classes will still be a go but especially for people attending the open training times of putting in the extra work I expect this to help a lot.

That said it hasn’t been perfect and we’re always open to adjustment, off top most notably being in terms of the grappling classes we will be rotating in the self-defense / striking based standup techniques with the sportive techniques after the warm-up in the class before hitting the mats.

Especially as a newbie it’s so much better to have the knowledge of what to do and never use it, than to be clueless against the most common attacks used by opponents operating outside of the BJJ playbook.

Youth BJJ & Boxing plans are in the works as we speak and we should have them ready to go by March 1st 

Remember … at least in our Mississauga martial arts academy BJJ is taught as a complete martial art. So before we look at the sport bjj or mma applications the base goal for us as instructors is to have a student at a blue belt level be able to handle themselves against larger stronger untrained opponents.

After that, there are plenty of directions you could take your study but will always have that complete toolbox of skills and not clueless the reality of a combat/self-defense situation.