Martial arts are great!!!!

Always nice to have a hobby and a passion that helps keep you in shape and promotes overall wellness is always a good idea.. BUT then comes the fighting part, the actual “MARTIAL” aspect of things and this is where we have a lot of delusional people still to this day. Events like the UFC / Bellator / ONEFC have shown the masses that benefit of being well rounded and learning at the very least the basics in the key ranges of a Combat situation.

“Enter blind Loyalty to one’s STYLE “

Now no particular style has a lock on being totally deluded as to the efficiency of what they practice that’s comes part an parcel with the whole martial arts industry, the smoke and mirrors, the mystical unbeatable master and the  PERFECT martial arts system. People like this idea and love to romanticize things but in reality combat is a very to the point and reality based thing not always beautiful or as flashy as some would hope.

I ran across this GEM of a fight between two traditional martial artist (kyokushin kai karate vs Wing Chun kung fu)

Trully awesome, because its not often today you can run across a fight where neither combatant is practicing the currently popular MMA / Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ/ Gracie Jiu-jitsu , Kickboxing style proven to be most effective in MMA style matches.  Here instead of some wanna bee tough guys scrapping it out it seems there are two well trained practitioners ready to put their respective martial arts styles to work.

my question is WHAT DO YOU SEE?