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2019 Membership Blowout

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Getting the results you deserve is easy when you plug into to a system that works.

Tired Of Making Little To No Progress in Your Training?

life on a treadmill sucks

Summer is officially here and that means its time for our Annual Membership Blockbuster.. This years event is bigger than ever. With the launch of our new ground breaking Core BJJ and Youth Training programs coaches and even more equipment we are poised to deliver even more life changing results.  

  • Complete Martial Arts & Fitness training
  • Youth classes starting as young as age 4 
  • A totally unique form of movement and stress relief 
  • dedicated training for Gi, No-gi and Combatives applications
  • Develop proven real world self defense

 Start building your skills and mastering the art of Jiu-jitsu Today

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Our guarantee NO fads or gimmicks • Flexible schedules that work for all lifestyles • Proven results in as little as 2 sessions a week! • NO expensive equipment or testing fees JUST Life changing education in the art of Jiu-Jitsu.  


2019 Membership Blockbuster 

Act Before June 30th 2019 and enjoy these Amazing Bonuses

  • 3  month memberships Save 20% off the regular price + 1 free personal training session 
  • 6 month membership –>Save 25% off the regular price + Free BJJ Uniform
  • 1 year membership –> Save 30% percent off the regular price + Free BJJ Uniform

Select from any of our program options

That is over $500 in savings and free bonuses   


 The price is right and there is no better time to started towards your goals than right now                               

          Reserve your package by texting us directly at

The Best Time to Start is Now

Ready to learn the art of Jiu-Jitsu??? 

There’s no reason to put off even 1 more day, we’ve made the deal so sweet this year you’ll never find a easier time to get started  working towards a complete martial arts education.

Worried about quitting??? 

We totally get it. Most gyms just work you hard, putting little emphasis on learning anything or covering your specific needs. Core Jiu-Jitsu is totally different in that our training programs build skill, and designed to keep members accountable for their progress 3 – 6 – 12 months the possibilities are limitless but we are there to guide you ever step of the way.

Not ready to start yet or want to gift the package to someone?

We get it summer can be a tricky time of year schedule wise so these packages when purchased before the deadline are good for up to a whole year, and can be offered as gift card for friends and family..

The best deal & it only happens once per year don’t miss out!!!


  • From flexible memberships
  • Structured programs dedicated to consistency and performance
  • A welcoming inclusive group of team mates and training partners. . . training at Mississauga BJJ brings the best out of people, so keeping you motivated and on track is EASY.

Worried you are too out of shape???

Not an issue… the art of BJJ is for everyone. Fitness level and knowledge will come with expereince but if you can wlak in the door you can make your life better with Core Jiu-Jitsu. Our Mississauga martial arts and fitness academy is the #1 choice for people of all walks of life looking to enjoy the benefits of this amazing art.

Tight schedule ??? 

No problem we have morning , mid-day, afternoon and evening training available. Plus the option of our personal training sessions set for whatever time works best for your schedule. 

 Little to no experience???  

Our foundations course gives you all the tools you need to build skill properly and be able to get the most out of your training. Programs are designed with all levels in mind we offer structured, skill based training anyone can benefit from.


P.S  NO you do not have to “go to the gym a bit” to get in shape before you start training !!!

Just leave the details to us, all we ask is you attend 2-3  training sessions per week and you’ll enjoy results you’ve never seen before.

“Even a little Jiu-Jitsu goes a long way”


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Call us @ 416-910-6175  Before June 30th and Enjoy These Amazing Bonuses


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Act Before June 30th 2019 and enjoy these Amazing Bonuses

  • 3  month memberships Save 20% off the regular price + 1 free personal training session 
  • 6 month membership –>Save 25% off the regular price + 2 free personal training sessions + free boxing gloves   
  • 1 year membership –> Save 30% percent off the regular price + get 4 free personal training sessions + free boxing gloves 

That is over $500 in savings and free bonuses but time is limited.

See you soon

Coach Patrick

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