Tonight’s road work

With my time away in prep for the UFC 120 match in a the U.K and i haven’t been able to attend a lot of weekday conditioning classes but brought back a lot of what i learned and put it to use tonight with the members in for the fitness session.

After the ever so important dynamic warm-up we hit the parking lot area for some  timed sprints and  partner resisted interval runs courtesy of the new tension bands we picked up this week

I must admit even though the workload was high and we hit a variety of energy systems everyone did great..

Our new facility

The rumours are true we are in the process of moving to a new much larger and better equipped facility in close proximity to our current location, so you are asking how does this affect elite members ??

  • New small group conditioning classes with optional  fitness and nutritional program design + supervision
  • The start of Henry Chapman’s world class kids martial arts program
  • Muay thai classes +  specific pad/bag work sessions
  • New no-gi submission wrestling classes & the start of western boxing program
  • The return of our Takedown/wrestling program
  • Our fully stocked pro-shop and supplement lounge

All this plus more coming up everyone stay posted for more specific info and feel free to contact me with any questions

Train hard

Train smart