Missisauga Kids MMA |Benefits Far Beyond Belts

Certainly our least promoted yet fastest growing program in the past 12 months would have to be our youth karate program.

Headed by Sensei Rick Boomer, the core karate program catches many people by suprise as we are often seen as a Mixed martial arts academy and as a result somehow against karate??

This couldnt be further from the truth.

We’ve always stressed the tremendous value and benefit quality karate training delivers to a child getting started in martial arts.

The benefits your child will see in training should go far beyond any time in the gym / dojo and even competition.

As part of the belt promotion process Sensei Rick had the put togethers an essay detailing important aspects of the training and upcoming belt they were heading into.

We got some great responses.

karate kids essays

“From Sensei Boomer”

At Core Karate, learning martial arts goes well beyond just punching and kicking. When our students test for their new rank, they are expected to write us an essay detailing the principles of their current belt. 

We were so impressed with what our white and yellow belts came up with that we decided to share them! 

Check out the second slide for the importance of the yellow belt principles by one of our newest orange belts Alyas!

karate benefits
mississauga karat kids and belts
core karate belt promotions

Congrats to everyone on the new belts and all the work that went into attaining them. We’ve got big plans for the upcoming year and looking forward to rolling them out stay tuned for the the new website and teens karate kickboxing class.


Coach Patrick