The long awaited “BJJ 101 Road-map” is finally here

Having trained over  15 years now in martial arts its always struck me as a bit strange that members often don’t know know the basics  needed to proceed to the next level in the style they were studying.

Instead advancement is often based on how tough they were in sparring or what tournament’s they could win…

Tournements are great for some but what about people who have no interest in sportive competition or more into a well rounded approach to the art?

Say you just really enjoyed the non competitive aspect of training or fancied yourself  more into mixed martial arts?  Many of today most popular positions in BJJ would get you seriously hurt in a fight.

The results from this way of training is that  locally we have some fairly tough guys who can operate at a decent level in “certain positions” but are totally off course and technically clueless in others.

Getting together and “mindlessly rolling” is just turning mistakes into habits and  never a good idea.

It’s a problem I have always avoided by teaching a beginners curriculum made up of techniques that build a solid Brazilian Jiu-jitsu base for all 3 of the art most common uses (SPORT–SELF DEFENSE- MMA).

That aside what is in my mind doesn’t always help the student so I have made things simple by releasing.

The BJJ 101 Roadmap

This syllabus of skills, drills and techniques will pretty much hold your hand and guide you from white to blue belt .  Taking away the guess work or pointless rumble tumble training that is so popular in many BJJ academies today.

mississauga BJJ not a place for wanna be tough guys

BJJ 101 is our fundamentals program  (not beginner or advanced .. more on this point later) teaching people of all interests the skills they need to be successfully navigate a ground fighting situation successfully.

A class where you can come and learn the timeless lessons of Jiu-jitsu without being restricted by sportive rules & regulations or insane wanna be tough guys out to prove something by taking your arm home in a box 🙂


class times are

Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-8pm for Mississauga BJJ

See you on mats

Claude Patrick