Brazilian jiujitsu results

Right off the top a big congratulations to Coach Alessandro Roman for traveling all the way to abu dhabi and successfully competing in whats quickly becoming one of the worlds premier Brazilian jiu jitsu events, the Abu dhabi pro world championships.

For all the Mississauga BJJ fanatics following elite training centre’s news page here is a quick summary of the black belt divisions and also a great match between two of the best on the mats today.. lucas lepri vs roberto satoshi.


Alessandro came in 2nd place dropping only the match in the finals vs some very stiff competition and is a great example of the results dedication to a structured training program set in placed by our head instructor Jorge Britto will result in, the formula is simple guys show up on time, pay attention in class and be a good training partner for the rest of the team and you will see everyone skill grow.

So once again thanks to Professor Britto and Allesandro for helping making elite training centre hands down the best in the Mississauga area for brazilian jiujitsu.


MMA class returns

Our new mma program starts today monday april 16th at 6pm so any of you looking to attend will need the proper equipment

boxing/muay thai gloves 14-16oz

shin pads

mma gloves

**class is held in gym b**

see you on the mats