BJJ promotions galore

Team britto at claude patricks 2012 black belt graduation


saturday december 8th was a huge day for the entire team as several members took to the mats for the last time as white belts and performed at the Toronto bjj annual tournament and belt promotions.

The day some some really high level jiu-jitsu put to work teammate vs teammate in one of the few times outside of the academy many would be facing each other. The level even at blue belt was really high and shows the evolution in the art world wide and locally in the short time since 2008 when professor Britto first touched down to develop what is now canada's most successful Brazilian jiujitsu competition team.

Above and beyond competion the day saw some really incredible demonstrations of the real value of training in the art with members facing all types of physical challenges take to the mat and doing their best.

As Professor says there is no easy road.

My particular path took 15 years of practice and would be an un-real novel if i sold it in paper back format + in reality i'm just getting started as black belt is when you realise how much you really dom't yet know but i have and will cntinue to be a serious practitioner of all elements of the art not just sport/mma or competition.

Thanks to all who have helped in getting me to this point and shared the benefits both on and off the mat with me. 

Just getting started but thanks none the less

claude patrick




steve s, little jeff, Randy d and chris on all earning thier blue belts.. It was a pretty good day ac