Mississauga elite | head and arm choke from Jeremy horn used in ufc 19 to pull out the win vs chuck lidell.. check out the video attached to learn how its done http://mississaugaelite.com


After a Mississauga Bjj class focusing on guard work a group of students has some concerns regarding the top guy applying neck cranks and chokes on them while the work from the bottom position .. click below to check out the first video dealing with the head and arm choke.  While probably not the most common technique used in bjj competition (in gi) its a very important concept to learn and a great way to work your way to the opponents back if they misplace their hands or let you cross grip them.

Probably the most famous use of this head and arm choke in mixed martial arts competition is Jeremy horn vs chuck liddell@ ufc#19where it was tightly matched back and forth rumble till chuck got a it careless with his hands and horn put him out cold. Most in the crowd had no clue what just took place but having already a few months bjj under my belt i made special note to add that simple and effect move to my tool box if ever stuck on the bottom and the top man decides to take a break in a bad spot.




Key points on the technique

1-secure a tight gable grip (palm to palm with no thumbs) while coiling your arms and legs towards your head

2-once in position it is key to escape your hips so your body is positioned not directly beneath your opponent.

3-once you have your rear-naked choke grip its important to apply pressure between your elbows to finish the choke.


thanks for checking this out, I hope you find success with the technique and feel free to come by mississauga elite training centre to learn more.