Mississauga BJJ | Power knee slide pass study


Hey everyone, ran across some very solid instruction from one of BJJ’s best, Xande Ribiero. Long time BJJ black belt and perpetual champion at every weight Xande is for sure a guy you want to watch closely on the mats. With a well balanced approach to top and bottom work + a highly refined toolbox of techniques many would call basic this guy makes it look easy vs some of the arts very best and has been doing so for a long time.


The knee cut pass is something I have always put a lot emphasis on since watching Fernando Margarida use it as pretty much his only guard pass en-route to beating literally everyone in his weight class. So having xande break down the details behind what makes this position really work will go a long way.

Add this new grip o your practice and i’ll see you on the mats.

 P.S…Don’t forget there is no BJJ class tomorrow @ noon due to the Mississauga boxing club event. But be sure to come out and take in some great fight + my personal guarantee on food so good you may be forced to rethink the meaning of life 🙂