You know, a lot of people say Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the most effective self-defence and ground fighting system. As a matter of fact,it’s the world’s fastest growing martial art and inside MMA magazine just wrote an article highlighting it as the most practised grappling style by professional fighters.

jess taking the back in bjj class










You don’t have to be a fighter to make use of all the benefits of BJJ and as someone looking for an art that covers all the bases why waste

  • 1) Time


  • 2) Money

on unproven patterns or even these so called reality based street self-defence systems not really applicable to the real world???

With Core Jiu-Jitsu’s simple shift of focus off the sport and more towards the martial art you’ll get an education in the complete system of jiu-jitsu and the ability to use it whenever you need.













Road-map to results

It not a stretch to say everyone reading this has expertise at something. Ok so the odds are maybe you don’t have my level of knowledge in BJJ / Martial Arts training but we all know a lot about Something.

There are only so many ways to make a wheel so the way we get that knowledge usually follows the same pattern.

Studying a system that works to build a solid foundation.

A great example is kids studying in grade school. It’s always a progression, coming up through the grades starting with the basics in preparation for more complicated topics in later grades.

Odds are we shouldn’t expect great results from a grade 3 student randomly tossed into grade 11 math class.. So why is Jiu-jitsu any different?

The big change that started last week is the new white belt program

With more and more new students looking to get started in the mississauga bjj program and the current classes packed we have recently taken steps to launch the foundations program.








A culmination of the most important foundational techniques, movements and strategies used in BJJ / grappling.

Our easy to follow beginner’s curriculum takes the guess work out of learning the important foundations of the art.

We start from square one with the techniques taught covering everything from

  • Tying your belt
  • General rules and regulations
  • The foundational take-downs, positions, sweeps, defences, submissions and strikes you’ll be building around in your BJJ study as you move up the belt ranks .
  •  Do’s and dont’s of being a good training partner and student
  • The core cycles that teach you how to flow between basic positions with ease.







These Classes are open to any of our members but will focused on the beginner curriculum only.

The foundations program classes run 45 mins in length        

  6:15 pm till 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday