Mississauga BJJ Grip fighting with Xande Ribiero

Anyone training in a  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ( BJJ ) Gi more than 5 minutes will quickly realize how important proper grip work  is to controlling the flow things.

In judo, an art very similar to BJJ , grip fighting is a big part of setting up and completing throws.  In sport Judo today athletes are primarily trying to throw for ippon from the feet secure a solid pin, or submission on the ground.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ( BJJ ) on the other hand is an art where athletes start on the feet but are clearly specialize in ground work  “often jumping to guard to avoid any chance of a takedown” . Differences aside any way you look at it one thing remains the same in both arts..

For both Brazilian jiu-Jitsu ( BJJ ), Judo or any martial arts where a GI is worn, controlling to range of the match with proper grip fighting makes your life a lot easier.

Here below with have Xande Ribiero  (multiple time world BJJ champion & judo practitioner)  demonstration the use of a very effective grip break that can be used both standup and ground for BJJ applications where you may need to only be using 1 hand to get the job done.

One of Xande’s  strongest attributes in sport BJJ over the years has been how complete of an practitioner he is. with many BJJ artist not practicing the standup element of things he has always kept a very balanced approach and with great results.

 Xande Ribeiero Brazilian jiu-jitsu Y Grip break