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Discover BJJ | The Grappling System Favoured By Top MMA Professionals And Individuals Who Demand The Best In Self-Defense Training

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu BJJ is an effective martial art that’s been developed and proven where it matters most – in combat. BJJ uses the body’s natural movements plus the concept of leverage to enable those using it to defend themselves against bigger and stronger opponents by immobilizing them, applying joint locks and chokes and using superior position to control the situation.

Mississauga BJJ offers Structured Training in Everything from Technical / Academic to Competitive Sport BJJ

The classical expression of the art often called gracie jiu-jitsu or BJJ most often practiced in a BJJ kimono / GI. We offer members 2 separate styles of GI training (Core Jiu-jitsu & Sport BJJ) so we have you covered for both mastering the fundamentals of the art & keeping up to date on the newest tactics in sportive side of jiu-jitsu.

MMA & Combatives
Beyond the beauty of the art, Quality Jiu-jitsu instruction should leave the student educated on how to handle a real combat situation whether that be in or out of the cage / ring. Coach Claude Patrick is the area's first and only BJJ instructor to successfully compete at the world class levels in mixed martial arts (UFC ,King of the cage , IFL). With experience teaching & training along side many of the worlds best in combat sports there is no better local source learn effective BJJ for combat situations
 NO GI training is very popular with members looking for a faster paced and more dynamic style of training, still featuring BJJ concepts. We offer Students an incredible blend of techniques from Wrestling , Sambo and Judo to compliment their existing BJJ skills making for a formidable grappling skill set both on the ground and on the feet

Jiu-jitsu’s origins lie in Japan, but it was the Brazilian practitioners who brought it to the world via spectacular wins over much larger opponents in no holds barred competition.

Today, BJJ| Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the fastest growing grappling art around the world, due to the fact that it’s one of the key styles practiced by most if not all competitors in elite MMA organizations like the UFC. But BJJ is not just a fighting system for people looking to compete professionally...

BJJ_Aug 22_Final-32 (2)At the Mississauga Elite MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is taught as a martial art for EVERYONE regardless of age, gender or level of physical fitness, and not only that...

BJJ Is Necessary For Personal Safety

Stat and events show that more than 90% of confrontations end up in the grappling distance or on the ground. Knowing BJJ will keep you out of harm’s way by giving you the skills to defend yourself in these close-quarters situations. Having the confidence to defend yourself should you hit the ground is something that cant be overlooked and is paramount in any self-defense or martial arts situation.






Great training in a Great Atmosphere

Our Mississauga BJJ program is run by (Claude Patrick- Mississauga 1st and only UFC Veteran & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt with over 25 years of experience) . Giving students access to the highest quality technique and strategies in the art of BJJ via the various masters he has studied with in his nearly 2 decades of study in the art.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your ground skills for Self defense, compete in BJJ/ Grappling tournaments or you simply want the confidence that comes along with the knowledge that you can defend yourself against bigger and stronger individuals, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is perfect for you.

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Accelerate Your Progress With Our Unique Foundations Program

In many BJJ academies students are taught three to 4 new techniques every class. For anyone other than an expert this can be overwhelming and confusing leaving you frustrated at your lack of progress and even worse, guessing whats coming next from class to class.

Our structured BJJ 101 lesson plans take the confusion out of learning the art by decoding the language of BJJ and making it simple to develop all of the key skills & reactions necessary to excel in your study of the art. Covering the full spectrum of the art our Mississauga BJJ academy is a great starting point for beginners on the mat not sure which direction to dedicate their training and even better for more advanced practitioners looking to learn more than just the competition/sportive side of the art.

To get started, we invite you to join our Mississauga Elite BJJ Headstart Program, completely FREE with no obligation.

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Our Mississauga Elite BJJ Headstart Program includes:

  • 1 Headstart Session - in this session, we'll discuss your goals, tell you what to expect when you start training and direct you to the appropriate classes to get started ($30 value)
  • 2 FREE Classes - you'll attend 2 classes recommended to you by our experienced instructors to get you started on the path to achieving your goals and to see if our club is right for you ($50 value)
  • 2 Referral cards - Giving you the chance to share the health and skill benefits that come with training and at the same time earn free months on your membership.

There's absolutely no obligation and we won't use any sleazy high-pressure tactics to try to convince you to join, because we're truly confident that we're your premier choice when it comes to martial arts and fitness.

This FREE offer won't be available forever so complete the form to join the (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Headstart Program today:

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