Mississauga boxing strikes again

The day you register at the academy we make very clear “ competition is not for everyone. You do not have to compete & can still see awesome benefits form the training” , still its  its also important you realize that the training you will be doing in class is always based on real practical technique. So if you had to get a little shall we say combative it  wouldn’t be a totally foreign thing to you.

The formula is working, time and again in everything from BJJ, mixed martial arts all the way to boxing our competitors are performing well. 

mississauga boxing team pic

Mississauga boxing club wins big at the golden gloves

 This weekend at the Ontario golden gloves boxing  championships  our Mississauga boxing club team headed by coaches Tommy Howat, and Richard Lewis made a huge splash taking 2nd place overall in the team standings.

2nd place is pretty good in any case but what makes this one a big deal is Mississauga boxing only registered a total of 7 athletes.

 The team landing 1st place team in the point standings brought over 22 competitors & with this being our debut year at the event and such a small group registered it is safe to say Mississauga boxing club is the breakout story of the tournament.

Of  7 competitors everyone made It to the finals in their division with 3 athletes taking  first place and the remaining four boxing their way to  silver medals.


Great work to all the coaches athletes and training partner that make the continued success possible and all the academy members that make Elite training centre the academy that is is

Great work and see you soon.





Spring is officially here we are I would say 1 week away from opening the garage door so you all know what that means..

We are again adding the roadwork and outdoor component to our Muay Thai, Boxing and Conditioning classes.

Please bring your running shows to every class so you don’t miss out on a proper warm up.