Mississauga Boxing Club| Introducing the new addition to the team

Mississauga boxing clubs new coach Richard Lewis teaching the sweet science

Mississauga Boxing clubs new addition Richard Lewis Teaching the sweet science of boxing

Our next piece in the fitness puzzle It is going to be tough to top the newest addition to our coaching staff, but we’ve never shied away from a challenge – and if we can’t? Hey, I figure it’s one of those “good problems.”

With the addition of Richard “The Oracle” Lewis to our boxing program, we have taken another big step in the right direction, offering even more training options for everyone ­– from the fitness enthusiast looking to shape up and learn some new skills, to those looking to compete and recognize the importance of training under the watchful eye of a dedicated coach.

 **please note if your coach is more busy with their cell phone or planning the upcoming evenings activities you may not be in the best hands**

First-time visitors to Elite always notice the cleanliness of the club, how friendly and welcoming the members are, and that our classes are very structured.

Lets be honest,  training in any style is good for practice but you can’t see the mistakes you make from your own eyes – which makes having a quality coach and following a solid program a major benefit, and I can personally attest that both are guaranteed to members of Elite Training Centre.

While Richard is a new addition to the team, he has written the book on goal-structured/-oriented training, and has the clout to back a rock-solid reputation.   Funny enough, it was about 12 years ago that Richard showed me his “4u2XL” youth boxing program layout, and I realized that I’d have to borrow some of those ideas for my future academy.

more on that “youth boxing program” in the coming days, we are still finalizing the days & times for the Mississauga youth boxing program.

Now, even better yet, we have “The Oracle” himself working with us in-house.   “The Oracle” (he gets his name for “seeing it all when it comes to boxing and fitness”) is a true student of sweat science.

Richard has been training fighters and coaches, promoting, organizing and running boxing events for well over 30 years.    But don’t let his stack of credentials lead you into thinking that he is all about competitive aspect of the sport. He works with students of all ages, fitness and skill levels, and is  bringing his gift Elite Training Centre.

Richard’s time-tested and proven methods will get and keep you in what will, without a doubt, be the best shape of your life – all you have to do is take the first step by filling out a head-start session request and booking your time for a free intro session.
Here —>   http://www.mississaugaboxing.com   We haven’t figured out exactly when he will be running group classes, but for personal training or his  popular 6-week intensive Quick-Start Program, call me at (416) 910-6175