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Our Mississauga boxing sessions are based on over 30+ year Fitness and training experience, Elite boxing’s workouts™ bring together all the excitement of a dynamic fast paced workout while keeping your training technical & fresh, by teaching you the very same skills, drills & exercises practiced by today’s top conditioned athletes.

Trifecta Boxing in mississauga has become the cities premier destination for those looking to learn the sweet science for one very simple reason: this is the only place in the greater Toronto area where you can experience our amazing  boxing’s workout

Lets be honest. for 90 percent of people going to the “Gym” does not work

Boring workouts and the same old routines run by weekend certified person trainers won’t get you anywhere in a hurry.. If they did you wouldn’t see treadmill after treadmill filled with gym members making the same New years resolution’s to shape up and lose weight.

Sound familiar????

Break the cycle now and lets get you the Results you want.

  • Proven up to 1000 calories in a single hour!! A great way to get fit even without getting hit
  • Training for everyone from fitness buffs to professional boxers/mixed martial artists
  • Limited class size, ensuring our trainers can provide you the technical attention you deserve
  • Flexible morning, evening and weekend sessions are available making schedule no issue


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Trifecta Boxing System -You Dont Have to get Hit To Be Fit
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