Foundation of fitness at Mississauga Elite

Summer is done, fall has more or less started and we are looking at a nice influx of new members

When new students come to the academy we try to get a good gauge of the over-all training goals, regardless what direction you are looking to go with your training a solid fitness base is a must.

With gym’s packed with people not making any notable progress towards their fitness goals it was only a matter of time until; they started thinking there was something wrong with the system, It took a while but a large amount of people did and started focusing on whats is now popularly known as  functional training. 

familiar mississauga functional fitness tools

familiar mississauga functional fitness tools

Using some new tools to get the job done generally this was a better bet for people than banging out heavy weights in the gym with poor form, or taking the slow and steady route via the treadmill and stair-master for 30-45 mins a day.  As always though the team at elite training centre are looking to raise the bar even higher.

The road Beyond Functional Training

The down side of the tech revolution is the average person  works long hours at a computer desk or work station in positions far from ideal for our health.

On average we also spends too much time sitting down; as a result we all know someone suffering from a bad back or another from this familiar laundry list of health problems

  • Lower back pain
  • Tight hips
  • Upper back tightness
  • Poor posture
  • Restricted breathing
  • Shoulder pain.

mississauga womens fitness training

mississauga fitness posture

Compound this with the extra weight that adds up over the years as a result of  “eating on the go ” and and lack of motivation to stay active  ,and ir ain’t looking very good 🙁

The Optimal Fitness Solution

Our plan to help members get where they want to be in our personal training & group conditioning classes goes something like this.

We are getting the job done step by step

Phase 1 lies in the structure of our dynamic strength and conditioning program

Our Mississauga strength and conditioning curriculum, starts with the foundations of movement 12 week program.

That is right 12 weeks focused on getting your body moving  and feeling right

  • Improving posture;
  • addressing the dysfunctional lower back area
  • releasing a jammed up thoracic-spine & -shoulder-neck region;
  • Increasing strength of neglected muscle groups (glutes, Rhomboids etc);
  • Boosting cardio and fat loss.

Training sessions focus will vary on where you are on the road map to success but

As a take away think about this quote from a old friend in the personal training industry

“Don’t lift weights to get strong….. get strong then lift weights!”


coming up next week

The 6 best body weight exercises you can do to build that fitness base

You can also visit the link below to setup your intro personal training or nutritional consultations free to get the ball started in the direction of better overall health and fitness.

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