here’s the deal.. below is the event info for the upcoming tourney those of you who want to compete will be attending as a TEAM..

Grappling industries mundial edition saturday  feb 16th 2013

please read and follow the steps below to join the crew going to the event

Step 1 is to leave your info at front desk  at the academy registering as a member of the bjj competition team

Step 2– attend at-least 2  bjj competition team practices per week times are Monday+Wednesday  8pm-8:45pm Saturday 1pm-1:30pm

** *if  you cant make it please let me know in advance and we can work something out. But if you don’t make it because your pet cat was looking  sick or you are somehow hooked to your video games like this poor kid… then the whole competition thing probably isn’t really for you 🙂

mississauga bjj -drop the controller and get to training

“Things happen i totally understand but if the same people looking to compete  now are lazy about the work they put in for event prep the deal is off. Ive never been the type to head into battle unprepared “

step 3
bjj and grappling tournaments are a lot different than the technical application in the academy i always stress… fight time comes whatever gets the job done will do just fine so once i have the competition team members emails i will

  • layout your specific positional  game plans you need to rep a minimum of 200x per week leading up to the event.
  • give you the conditioning workouts you will also want to put in if possible outside of your mat time.
  • Layout effective and proper  ways to cut weight and still show up strong come fight day. this is something generally done very poorly. You will be  heading in with a big edge just by feeling good the day of the event