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Dan started things by shooting Kru DJ a collage of his recent weight loss and fitness transformation as a results of his training at the academy

daniel pham mississauga elite

Now I though that one pretty drastic until Adam Wasik got inspired to do the same with his which totally blew me away…

mississauga weight loss

I haven’t really collected these type photo’s in the past as we have a ton of success stories and isn’t training supposed to get GETS RESULTS..???

So this sort of thing has always struck me as quite normal, but seeing someone 2-3 times a week you don’t get the full effect of the change that’s taken place over the course of the YEAR.. These first 2 body transformation photo’s hammer home the point hard and blew me away..  Im in process of getting a few more from the man and women at the club but the message is clear..

You can have fun Getting in the best shape of your life without the boredom of the big fitness gyms & even better, learn some  solid skills at the same time.

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