Bjj | Brazilian Jiu-jitsu back attack and defense part 1

Great work everyone in the 7pm grappling class, you guys displayed some solid focus and put in great work on the offensive and defensive element of what may be the most dominant position in  Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts or any combat sport on the ground.

The back position

As i said earlier the next week or 2 is devoted to dealing with the basic attacks, defenses and reactions you want to develop when looking at the particular position.

During my formative years in martial arts dealing with the back position was always a major concern as things were quite a bit different, in that  there were no standardized mixed martial arts event but rather no hold barred / vale tudo style fights where there were no rules stopping  direct shots to the back of the head or base of the skull at all.. >>actually making it one of the prime targets once you managed to get behind an opponent.

this time size doesn’t help much.. bigger or smaller you obviously do not want to take a strike in any case to your brain stem or back of the head.

More on the mma/ no hold barred element of things later but for now lets take a look at the man generally regarded as the king of the back attack in brazilian jiu-jitsu | no gi | submission wrestling.

Marcello garcia

no doubt one of the pound for pound best ever BJJ | brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes  hit the spotlight hard in 2003 ADCC world championships by  dominating perennial favorites like Renzo gracie and Vitor “shaolin” ribiero with some serious Back attack magic, match after match Marcelo used his refined back attack sequence to finish and utterly dominate even the biggest opponents.


Certainly something worth  taking the time to learn.

check out this first round match vs Shaolin below



Vitor Ribeiro vs Marcelo Garcia ADCC by _Luk


PRETTY SERIOUS… YUP… the guys man is no joke and one of the best of all time..

now take a look at a nice technique video with Marcelo covering the abc’s of his back attack  pay careful attention and ill see you on mat soon.