Take the easy way to results

It not a stretch to say everyone reading this has expertise at somethingOk so the odds are maybe you don’t have my level of knowledge in BJJ / Martial Arts training but we all know a lot about Something.

There are only so many ways to make a wheel so the way we get that knowledge usually follows the same pattern.

Studying a system that works to build a solid foundation.

A great example is kids studying in grade school. It’s always a progression, coming up through the grades starting with the basics in preparation for more complicated topics in later grades.

Odds are we shouldn’t expect great results from a grade 3 student randomly tossed into grade 11 math class.. So why is Jiu-jitsu any different?

The big change that elite has brought to the game is our foundations program


With more and more new students looking to get the most from their martial arts and fitness training and the current classes packed we have recently launched our foundations classes

Focused primarily on Striking ( Muay Thai / Boxing) & Grappling ( BJJ / Submission wrestling)  our foundations program is the best way to build the fitness and technical base to get the most from your practice before delving deeper into the ins and outs of each particular style. Honest  truth is most people starting out don’t really know the difference between systems and are looking for a way to get thier feet wet while finding whats going to keep them engaged and seeing results long term.

Do yourself a favor and avoid jumping in head first, You’ll get a great start with our foundations program

Even for experienced students and members of the academy the benefit of cross training are clear so this is a great way to mix things up a bit and


A culmination of the most important foundational techniques, movements and strategies used in the the styles we offer,

Our easy to follow beginner’s curriculum takes the guess work out of learning the important ideas.

We start from square one with the content taught covering everything from

  • Tying your belt / wrapping you hands
  • General rules and regulations
  • How to get the most from your warm-up
  • The foundational offensive and defensive tools.
  •  Do’s and dont’s of being a good training partner and student


These Classes are open to any of our members but will focused on the beginner curriculum only.

The foundations program classes run 1 mins in length        

Monday & Wednesday @ 6pm  – Striking

Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm – BJJ / Grappling

Feel free to jump in and start working off the holiday eats.. 

See you soon