“That wasn’t that bad at all”
“I’m really surprised everyone was so helpful”
“I was so intimidated when I first came in but loved it”

Are just some of the comments I’ve heard from people following the first day of intro classes.

Knowing how great the environment at Elite actually is, it always throws me off when people say things like that. But when you really think about it , it totally makes sense

.As someone already training it is easy for us to forget what it was like for someone new on that first day, or even more so as that person looking in from the outside thinking about getting started.

Honestly guys what we do can look difficult and for sure intimidation plays a big role in stopping many people from ever getting started..  What may seem like an easy warm-up for you could be a lot for someone who hasn’t worked out in the last few years.

core work at mississauga muay thai


So how do we get the ball rolling in a way that makes learning the basics less complicated?? And at the same time is a solid training resource for even our most experienced members?

Easy, our Mississauga martial arts and fitness academy is Based around the idea of 3 phases of training


The technical study of Martial arts


training focused on helping you excel in the area you want most. Rather than forcing every member into the same mold.
I know doing that “new and exciting” drill keeps training fresh and exciting, but what sense does it make for someone looking to learn the arts and get in better shape to attend a Muay Thai class here they and get smashed around in the ring for 5-6 rounds??

Or even more common, someone who can’t support their body weight  ends up doing a workout of the day that has  the trying handstand push-ups and technical lifts they have no clue about???

There is a lot of crazy training going on out there folks

“this has got to be fake but still a good laugh :)”

Whether or not that poor training has you end up flying through a wall it just doesn’t add up and is a recipe for disaster.

Following the goal oriented formula for members training is clearly working. The vibe around the gym has never been better, classes are busy and our competitors are doing great.

core bjj team picking up the medals once again

Time for the next steps

With the completion of our summer renovations we now have the extra space to help members get event better results from their training.

The first of these new additions will be our Technique specific classes

30 min sessions on specific topics covering anything and everything you will run across in modern training.

Not a workout but a in depth look at how to get the most from your workouts in every department.

Muay thai, Boxing, Olympic lifting , Kettlebell’s, Mobility training


All the details you need delivered by experts in the field and totally free for Elite training centre members looking to get an ever bigger edge in their martial arts and fitness training.


Don’t try to “fake it till you make it”, attend these new classes and learn everything right the 1st time.


The first session takes place Monday September 14th in Gym B at 6pm covering  how to effectively Jab & Cross for boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing.


See you soon


Check your inbox Sunday for the news on the new conditioning rooms and Olympic lifting training we are setting up that will be a great new tool for out strength and conditioning program.