The recent kettlebell classes and training classes have been a huge hit. Running through the infamous ” 300 kettle workout”  in the last class I have to say while it was pretty challenging I felt great and nicely activated for Saturday training sessions and not stiff at all.

Based on the response and amount of on and offline info requests we’ve gotten since running the two kettlebell classes  it looks like they are here to stay.

Tim Ferris if 4 hour fame breaking down the popular 2 handed swing 

According to the mighty Relon C. ” we need some more of those kettlebell sessions” 🙂  more are on the way but lets start with this Friday 545 pm  slot and build from there. Done right these are a great metabolic training tool to help burn fat , tone , strengthen and develop all types of endurance.

I know may of you are thinking hey i’m strong and mobile i already go to the gym or lift BUT trust me these sessions tap into a totally different energy and strength system that hitting a bench press so make a great  cross training tool.

So far i’m loving it and we’ve only got good feedback so lets keep it going..

to register for your free session click here and we’ll get you all setup

p.s watch this video too. the Turkish getup works everything and done right quite challenging but practice makes perfect