Mississauga Elite Updates

[su_quote cite=”Kru DJ”]The Summer 2014 intro level test is complete…Regardless of the results that come back to you I want everyone to know how proud I am of their development and how far many of you have come in the last 3 months & that the real reward is in the journey..[/su_quote]mississauga muay thai august test Great work to everyone who participated in the recent Muay Thai  fundamentals test held march 9th at the academy under the watchful eye of  Elite training centre’s head Muay Thai instructor Kru Dj Dallaire + help from many of the senior students. Running from 1pm-3pm the testing group was asked to display everything on the level 1 syllabus and put through technical and conditioning drills to demonstrate their readiness for the intermediate class. See Kru Dj in person or via email for you individual results, and again congrats to all the beginners for not only taking the first step to better martial arts and fitness by walking through the door at elite to train with the team at D1 muay thai But even more importantly setting a training goal , dedicating yourself to seeing it through and making it to your first Muay thai evaluation. Great work   I saw this video and thought it was shocking … whats your take on the whole deal?? they did sign up for a fight camp but i am not sure what lesson was taught by this beating of a student? make you appreciate Kru DJ even more 🙂