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Optimal nutrition for optimal health

Hey everyone,

Every Friday I comb the internet looking for new nutrition  tips and advice from those in the know, Plus to prepare myself for any hustlers out there trying to pull the wool over my eyes 🙂

This week I ran across something pretty sweet.

I’ve never adhered to one style of “diet dogma” (Paleo, Atkins, south beach, The Zone diet ect) since common sense and my own experience make it pretty obvious that no system covers everything and just about every system offers something good.

That aside its important to note, no matter where you look there are a few universal rules to eating for optimal health and performance.

Check out this really basic and to he point  nutrition pyramid by doctor Joel Furhman.

The best part about it all is no magic potions or lotions are required…  🙂



mississauga nutrition food pyramid

health based food pyramid


I don’t know about you guys but based on this chart, my off season diet would score at best a C or  C-minus.. 
Honestly.. how would you grade your eating?