Hey Everyone.

Ran across a really important and educational blog post I know all you health minded

people would want to take a look at highlighting the importance of  properly rotating our

greens intake to avoid the natural defence mechanism in them that poisons anything that

eats them.

kale shake and leaves

Yes that is correct according to science if you are downing a kale / spinach shake or salad

every morning you are not doing yourself and favours and actually exposing yourself to small

amount of neuotoxins they release plants from being completely eaten by wild animals – thus

wiping out the plant species.

As humans if we consume any particular toxin for too long a period of time it does damage to

our thyroid via alkaloid build-up. Causing things like Tingling finger tips, nausea and fatigue & weight gain.

the need fir greens rotation

Yes all this from your favourite salad

Wait before you go 100 percent carnivore on us let me tell you the fix is easy and all you need

to do is make a few small changes.

take a look at the article here and happy holidays


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