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Take the time to focus on joint mobility & you will look feel and perform a lot better when it counts

bosting mobility for maximum results

mississauga fitness | Mastering mobility for optimal results




Those of you attending classes at the academy have probably noticed we follow a slightly different routine than what many people think the flow of a workout / fitness training sessions should be. After  a warm up to get blood flowing and the body temperature elevated we hit a series of dynamic mobility exercises skipping the still very popular static stretching..


moblity training is so important

Pre-Training Dynamic Mobility Exercises Go a Long Way




We will save the science behind stretching and what type is best at what time for later, but lets just say a Complete Dynamic Mobility and Range of motion specific warm up is an important part of any good martial arts & fitness training program.

And pay big returns in exchange for just a few minutes per session


Advantages of a Dynamic Warm-Up


1.      Prepares your muscles for your upcoming training sessions


2.      Boosts range of motion around the joint  also known as (active flexibility).


3.      Help’s to correct muscle or posture imbalances.


4.      Wakes up & activate muscles that may not be getting stimulation. (martial artists and fitness enthusiast tend to focus on motions specific  to   thier goals so it is quite common that some things get left behind.




mississauga fitness leg days dont skip them






Lets think of Joint mobility and a solid dynamic warmup  as “General upkeep & Maintenance for your body”.


Its not to say we cant get by in general fitness training without a optimal range of motion, but when we do it clearly opens the door to injury since the body compensates to get the job done one way or another.


Squats are a great example


People often lack hip ankle and knee mobility and compensate.  If the person in question lacks hip ankle or knee mobility its probably wont stop them from squatting but the form is bound to be off and focusing force in the wrong parts of the body. rounded back, knees jetting far forward are two of the more common situations we see.


poor squat form




Dynamic warm-up protocols


like anything else in life getting all your ducks in a row isn’t easy but following the advice of smart people always helps.


I ran across martin Rooney back in 2003 with his work helping some athletes i know and watched closely their increase in performance was noticeable is he is a guy i always keep tabs on for quality  functional training tips and advice.


i wasn’t able to find his actual self guided warmup but attached is a slightly modified walk though a warmup that includes some really useful drills take a look.



Sample dynamic warmup