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One of my trainers introduced me to the palloff press as a replacement for some of my regular exercises given after a while all of us get use to the exercises that we perform often, so its always good to cycle movement patterns training to shock the body and get optimal results from our training

The Pallof Press (a.k.a the Belly Press) is a great anti-rotation exercise that was first described by physical therapist John Pallof.  It’s one of those exercises that almost anyone can do in some form or another.  Learning to resist rotation is crucial for protecting the low back and at the same time build a rock solid core. Seriously guys how many exercises hit this many of your core and back  glute muscles at the same time? 

Mississauga fitness training arbs legs and back

Palloff press gets results

The goal of the exercise is to maintain a neutral spine in an athletic position and resisting the force trying to rotate you. “Try your best to remain straight and not turn with the weight pulling you”

In the videos they are using a cable station but this can be done with bands, partner assisted with a towel or the cable station with ease.

Step by step to a much stronger core

 1-Set a cable station or band to about waist height with workable amount of weight or resistance band “start low”

2-Stand with your right side facing the weight stack with your feet about shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent so you are in an athletic position

3-  grab the cable / band and walkout a few steps from the stack so there is a fair amount of tension

4 -Slowly press your arms in front of you until they’re completely straight, pause for a second, and bring them back. The objective of this exercise is to avoid rotation.

Tip #1 How do you know how much weight to use? If it jerks you right off your feet—as it did me the first time I tried it—you’ve got too much.

tip #2 If you are doing it well you will feel serious activation in your obliques and glutes especially the side closets to the band

Try this one for yourself for 3 sets of 10 on each side and let me know how it goes