S&C / Fitness training updates

So as we stated earlier the upgrades to the facility are well underway with the new gear set to arrive by the end of next week some members have bee taking the time to make good use of the new additions..

I dont advise anyone else try this 🙂

mississauga elite training rings

Clearly some people are having more fun that others


Now not everyone need take things to this extreme but to motivate those of you up to the challenge I have put a $20 bounty for the first 3 members to perform a Clean muscle up (NO swinging / kipping) using the new rings

check out this little tutorial on the correct form  

It is so important in fitness and overall skill training that i repeat the obivous “Please don’t rush the progression”  While a nice new 20 dollar bill is great, the all to common injuries that come with pushing yourself to do movements you may not be ready for will cost you a lot more

Remember training smart should always be the first step in training hard.

Outside of operation muscle up give this simple circuit a try

*** with appropriate rest between exercises ***

15-20 push ups
20 squats
8-10 full chin ups or dumbell rows
6-10 trx single leg squats / per side
4-10 dips on the rings
10-15 burpess

Do it 2 – 3 times after class and you will feel the results…