Core Jiu-jitsu kids Competition Team debut


Amazing is the only word you could put as a description beside this weekends performance put on by the competitors in our Mississauga Youth BJJ program. The youngest members of our academy I do admit I’m probably a bit over protective of the team so refrained from pushing them into competition.

Still being as eager & curious as youth tend to be, what we had 2 rouges take flight in a tournament a month ago with GREAT results, two clean sweeps and 1st place finishes for both.

IMG_20180220_184355_260 IMG_20180220_184352_202

After watching the footage from the event the rest of the parents and kids essentially told me they were going to this weekends Ascension 2018 BJJ tournament .

One of the provinces longest running Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments ad run by none other than Professor Omar Salvosa and the team at his academy, the event always proves to be one of the years best and delivered in 2018 for sure with a great setup venue and execution.


An action packed day made up of a bit of luck and a lot of skill we ended the day in a position that scored us in 4th place overall!!! 4th place in the team standings with only 8 participants is extremely good especially when facing teams made up of 30+ competitors our next generation of martial artist is off to a great start.