Elite training centre martial  and fitness | New class survey

Hi everyone

You’ve probably noticed  the growth at the academy has really picked up in the last little bit. Every program is busier than ever and its the middle of the summer!!!

That being the case using a little bit of forsight has me realising  that come September “and the end of summer student influx”  we would have to do 1 of 2 things

A   Go the ever so popular  ” gym in box ” style of teaching where we just pack everyone in a muay thai/ boxing class and they get a little sweat on but don’t really take much from the  session


The ever popular Group workout class for martial art of fitness this stinks

How could you possibly get anything right in this swarm of People? for martial arts or fitness this setup stinks 🙂

Plan B   Stepping up the class schedules with new coaches and times, to help keep everyone  get on track to seeing the results they actually want

The first option flies directly in the face of everything Elite training centre  as a martial arts and fitness  academy is based on so it clearly wouldn’t work.

The game plan at Elite has always been to offer quality, structured classes anyone can safely train learn and benefit from .

So here is whats up

New class times added to the schedule , for both Boxing & Muay Thai kickboxing mississaugamuaythai.com and an additional day of our Strength and Conditioning workouts .

We have some general ideas as to when the classes would fit best but it is really all about what the members want,so we are asking everyone to fill out the survey below and let us know what times work best.