March 2013 student of the month Steven Pham

Congratulations to Steven Pham for being Elite training centre’s student of the month. Steven’s a guy you can always find diligently working on his technical skills during and after class.

 His dedication to improving his team mates skills in addition to his own has been noticed by all.

Great work Steven!

mississauga martial arts march 2013 student of the month steven pham


 Mississauga elite Nutrition tip #1 – Toss the Table salt

Great turn out and Q & A session yesterday with the team nutrition and supplement expert .. seems like overall we got somegreat info to work with and while it was a bit much for me to write out here in full i saw a bunch of you getting in the notes, great idea.

Weekly for the next bit ill post some of the more interesting finds that learned from the doc and hoping you guys spread the word helping people make better informed decisions about their diet and supplement choices.


mississauga elite nutrition tip #1 ditch the table salts