getting started in martial arts and fitness

We are officially off and running with the new updates to the academy. With the back room done and new fitness classes tested and good to go, our last step is to finalize the schedule for new Fitness, TRX and Kettlebell classes. The final schedule is being worked on now but in the meantime we figured it would be good to keep everyone in the loop about the changes affecting all programs coming down the pipe in the last month of 2015.

 Learning a new martial art & getting started in training can be very tricky

To someone totally new even our beginner members look pretty advanced 🙂 following the lesson plans the students do great, seeing quick results in both fitness and technique. that being the case it dawned on us that as a new member or someone looking to get started in martial arts and fitness that even our beginners classes may be a bit much for some.

The Fix – 30 minute beginner fundamentals classes

Monday and Wednesday’s 6pm-7pm

Feeling left out or not knowing what is going on is now a thing of the past.

These Elite Fundamentals classes will be starting from The very beginning & building you a solid base in Fitness core skills you will need to get the most from all your future training. 

Even someone starting with ZERO experience will build a solid base over the course of this rotating 8 lesson beginner program.

Take a look at a sample schedule of the classes below

week 1 – Monday = lesson #1  Wednesday lesson #1

week 2 – Monday = lesson #2  Wednesday lesson #1

week 3- Monday  =lesson #2  Wednesday lesson #2

week 4- Monday  =Lesson #3 Wednesday lessons# 4

week 5- Monday  =Lesson #3 Wednesday lesson #3

week 6- Monday  =Lesson #4 Wednesday – Lesson #4

The plan right now is to have the striking fundamentals classes (covering the basics of boxing and muay thai / kick-boxing)to take place 6pm -630 pm

Directly followed by the core jiu-jitsu intro classes running 6:30 pm-7pm.

As always, we encourage and invite everyone to cross-train and enjoy a complete picture of what the academy offers. Beginner or experienced we have you covered with this new set-up.

Totally new to training = If you are totally new, we encourage you attend both classes (Grappling and Striking). Build you fitness knowledge and base skills and at the same time get a good feel for what you like. Once you’ve got the basics done and you are well equipped to shift your training over to the general stream classes from there.

Existing gym members = I personally know many people want to try a different program in the academy but assumed with no background in that art it would be too complicated to simply jump in. Problem solved! This is your best chance to get in and learn everything you need to be comfortable in a totally new style to what you have so far been focussing on. New plan kicks off next week November 30th, so if you’ve been sitting on the fence about giving the classes a shot or feeling a bit out of place in your current class and missing details… Come to Gym B at 6pm (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and we will get you up to speed in no time.

Back to Basics program Registration

Getting started couldn’t be easier, if you are a current member join the classes any time. But if you are new and curious about the beginners classes click the button above and we will get you started on the road to better martial arts and fitness