Muay thai gets fitness results

Generally most people join a thai-boxing class to learn the art and that’s great, but don’t overlook the fact a lot of calories are going to be burned and you will also be building muscle in the process training muay thai.

thaiboxing give you a workout will also shift your metabolism into high gear. Here’s why:

 Muay Thai Kickboxing is a total body workout

If you’ve ever done one of our Mississauga muay thai classes you already know that thai-boxing / muay thai involves practically the use of whole body.  Arms, legs, knee and elbows makes for a really diverse set of tools you can build on to make for  creative workouts and endless possibilities in the training / competitive arena of the art.

There is really no end to the technique timing and tempo you can set in your training, making every session fresh and unique.

A lot more to a strong core than just crunches

core structure

Taking core work above and beyond crunches is another big plus of muay thai training. Something often overlooked is the fact your core is made up of a lot more than just your ABS aka Rectus Abdominis  , yes well defined toned abs are nice but for your overall health and well-being  having a  torso able to rotate and carry the weight of your body in all sorts of potions is key, all the punching kicking and movement of muay thai make for an  excellent workout that gives your core a really grueling and ensuring you are ready for action.

ladies muay thai core

the other big aspect of muay thai fitness is the aspect of fairly high intesity interval training that our classes bring to the table. Just think for a second about those rounds on the thai pads & bag work are really intense mini sprints combos on the thai pads or focus mitts is like a mini sprint followed by a little active recovery between combinations  and finally that 1 mini break between rounds..

Done a few times this makes for a pretty killer workout with results that speak for themself..

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