Saturday May 27th, 2017: FREE Muay Thai Pad Holding Seminar with Tyler McKinnon

As a complement to Kru Jordan’s seminar earlier this month, the Mississauga Elite Training Centre will be hosting a pad holding seminar from 10:30 to noon on Saturday to add another dimension to our ever-growing Muay Thai program.

Tyler McKinnon is a competition team coach under Kru Jordan at Lanna MMA and instructs the clinching & drills class on Tuesday evenings, as well as the exclusive competition team class on Wednesdays. Tyler is a passionate student of the art, with years of pad holding experience under his belt, or perhaps, belly pad. 🙂

coach tyler at a recent muay thai event

Before returning to Lanna MMA, Tyler learned the skill of pad holding from several trainers in the GTA. Most notably, Tyler held pads for world champions Matt Embree, and current Glory Kickboxing Middleweight Champion, Simon Marcus. Tyler honed the craft of pad holding at Siam No. 1, as he prepared many of the fighters for upcoming competition. He has cornered over 30 fights in Canada and the US, both at the amateur and professional level.

After Kru Jordans seminar, Tyler expressed a desire to help everyone with their pad holding abilities at Elite. He has offered his time graciously to share his knowledge with the team, in order to turn everyone into confident and competent pad holders.

Pad holding is a skill that requires a level of confidence and comfort. A good pad holder is its own currency in a martial arts school. Learning how to hold pads means that you become aware of what good technique looks like. The more you hold, the better your eye for good technique becomes. With enough experience, you can become your own trainer, which helps develop the skill of everyone you hold for.

In order to improve the Muay Thai program at Elite, everyone should feel comfortable with their pad holding ability. After this event you will know how to hold for every Muay Thai weapon, as well as the correct hand positioning and correct foot work.

Some of this may seem vague at the moment, which is why I highly encourage everyone to take part in the event. No matter your skill level, I can guarantee that Tyler will add a new dimension to your game, and open your eyes to the complex skill of pad holding. We look forward to having everyone attend. The energy at Kru Jordan?s seminar was amazing. Let?s keep the momentum going for this Saturdays event. We promise it will be an educational and entertaining seminar that continues to build upon our rapidly expanding Muay Thai program.

 class time is Saturday 10:30-Noon see you there.